Friday, November 13, 2009

Can Cotto Beat Pacquiao?

Is there a possibility that Cotto will win a 12 rd decision against Manny Pacquiao? Cotto has the skills, with the jab that neutralizes speed and the aggressive counter-punching style style, that has always troubled Pacquiao's open defense and lack of balance. May not be enough to beat Pacquiao, but should be enough to give him a challenging fight.

Cotto has alot: boxing, counter-punching, power, bodywork, footwork and strategy. And a whole lot of heart. Those that think that Cotto is going to fall over like Hatton or give up like de la Hoya either know nothing about boxing and/or nothing about Cotto. Pacquiao, moreover, is over-rated in that Hatton had no defense, de la Hoya was washed-up, and Marquez nearly beat him in 2 out of 3 fights. However, Pacquiao is too strong, fast, and loves to fight. He is one of the most exciting fighters that I've ever seen. And he seems to get better with every fight. But like Prince Hamed, Acelino Freitas, and Nigel Benn, Pacquiao lacks a strong defense--in fact, the defense is below average. And that will be the key if Cotto has any chance.

Also, Cotto is not washed-up simply because he lost to someone who was almost certainly wearing cement gloves. Cotto is obviously a true champion (the heart to take a beating and keep coming forward, and experience against the top opponents in his class) that will endure for many years and titles to come. All he needs to do is avoid Pacquiao's lightning-speed straight combinations (almost impossible to do) and keep his cool and game plan when, not if, he gets rocked.