Friday, November 15, 2013

Don't Make Training Process Difficult

Boxing is hard enough. Don't make the training process harder than it has to be. In fact, try to make it as easy and convenient as possible. With an easy and convenient training process, training will occur more often, will be more consistent over the long term, and is more in line with what motivates people in general, and boxers, specifically. The training process should be based on a system of creating a routine, and should utilize planned training, and time management skills. Making your diet easy is also an important factor by letting you focus on boxing not dieting, scheduling meals to avoid cravings, and proactively eating to create a healthy athlete and not just a boxer that is sometimes healthy.

Making the training process easier will make you a better boxer. A quick look around shows that things that are easy and convenient are done more often, and things that are done more often are done better, faster, and more efficiently. Making things easier also means that you will do them for a longer period of time. How much of a better boxer will you be after training more often, longer, and more efficiently --all because you set up the training process to be easier?

An easy training process becomes easier with a system. Make training a routine by training at a specific time of the day (cue), having pre-planned activities set (routine), and treating yourself to proper rest and a healthy meal (reward). Plan your training the night before or even at the start of the week so that you know exactly what you must do, when, and how. This is especially important when it comes to sparring so that certain skills are focused on with the sparring partner who will test you on those skills. Also, utilize time management so that you can balance your day and week with training, work, and family life. Most fighters, especially in the beginning, suffer unnecessarily by not having time management skills. Scheduling your day hour by hour may seem dry and boring, but it allows you to get so much more done with less stress.

Making your diet easier will make your training process easier and more convenient. Making your eating style a proactive one by focusing on what to eat instead of what not to eat creates less stress, less overeating, and helps you keep in shape in between fights. There is no reason why a professional boxer should look like a chubby first-baseman between fights. Learning how to eat properly and making it a habit, not a forced sacrifice, will allow you to focus on increasing your boxing skills. Scheduling your meals the night or even the week before allows you to take the thinking out of your eating choices, have healthy food available and ready when cravings occur, and have the food you need available when you need it. As a result, being in good shape and health becomes who you are and not some temporary thing you do.